Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a room

How do I book a room?

Choose your favourite room from our wide offer

Book it using the booking form, pay the deposit and sent a copy of payment receipt via e-mail.

After confirmation, please fill in form and we will contact

What is the deposit for?

First it is considered the confirmation fee, so the property is not available on our website any longer.

Once the contract is signed the money will be considered as the property deposit.

Once the check-out has been conducted at the end of the contract period providing that terms and conditions are met.

What is the payment method for the deposit?

Valenciaflatshare will only accept payment by transfer.

Payments from outside Europe will not be accepted as commissions may apply. Please contact us if this is your case.

Are there any commissions?

No, no commissions or extra-fees apply when booking with Valenciaflatshare

Can I reserve a room without payment?

No, rooms will only be reserved after payment confirmation has been received.

Can I lose reservation payment?

Yes, tenants are required to send their details for the check-in 1 week prior to the commencement of the tenancy (rental contract). If details are not sent within this time, we will proceed to the cancellation of the process and the deposit will then be paid to the landlord.

What should I do before moving?

Check that you have sent all the information required for the tenancy agreement/rental contract.

Send a copy of your ID/Passport via e-mail.

Check you have sent date and time of your arrival.

All the above has to be sent 1 week prior to the commencement of the tenancy agreement/rental contract.

What information do I need for the check-in?

We accept Check-in from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00pm but always subjected to landlords availability.

If you plan to arrive during a weekend or before or after the times stated above, please contact us via e-mail.

It is not possible to check-in before the tenancy agreement/rental contract commence.

The tenancy agreement/rental contract will be signed at check-in and first payment should be carried out at the same time in cash.

Rental Contracts/Tenancy Agreements

Who do the flats belong to?
Some are property of Valenciaflatshare and others belong to different landlords.

What is the Tenancy Agreement/Rental Contract?
A legal agreement designed to protect the rights of the tenant and landlord setting out all Terms and Conditions of the rental arrangements, dates, deposit, Price, etc.

One of the most important conditions set out in the rental agreement is that parties are not permitted in the properties. If the case a party was thrown in one of the flats, the landlord has the right to come with the police and ask the tenants to vacate the property at that very moment. In this case, deposits will not be returned.

Can I end the Tenancy Agreement/Rental contract before it expires?

Yes, but rent (whole month) and bills (up until you move out) should be completed prior to your departure.

Deposit will not be refunded.


Are bills included in the rent?
The bills are not included in the price of the web.

When do I start to pay bills?
From and to the date stated in the Tenancy Agreement/Rental Contract.


How much will the deposit be?
The amount of the deposit of the deposit depend of the flat and room that you are interested. Please contact with us about it.

Do I pay for the whole rent if I arrive later than 1st of the month?
Yes, flats are let by complete months.

When should I pay my rent?
This will be stated in your rental contract. An e-mail will be sent with the rental cost and bills.


Is there Internet in the flat?
All flats have wifi service which is paid with the monthly bills (12€/pppm)

Is smoking allowed in the premises?
No, Valenciaflatshare has a no-smoking policy.

Are pets allowed?
No animals, household pets, birds, fish or reptiles are allowed.

What can I do if something breaks down in the flat?
Call us as soon as possible, we will contact the landlord and make sure someone is sent for fixtures or fittings. It is the tenant responsibility to inform about any failure and to be at home at the time the repairing service arrives.

Living together

How does cleaning and maintenance of the flat work?

All tenants are responsible for the cleaning. If this condition is not accomplished the tenants can be asked to hire a cleaning service.

Who will my flat mates be?
Your flat mates will be international or Spanish students. We also rent rooms to young workers and work experience graduates.  ValenciaFlatshare also has some flats only available for female tenants.

What happens if I don’t get on with my flat mates?
Please contact us as immediately. If there the reason you are not happy is caused by breach of any points of the rental contract, the landlord will have the right to expel the tenant. In that case the deposit will not be refunded. It is your responsibility to be polite and respectful with other tenants and landlord.

Can I have family guests?
Yes, for a week maximum and you have to make sure you ask your flat mates as bills are shared by all tenants.

  • All your flatmate are Erasmus, Spanish or International students!

  • All the flats are near the Universities, the beach and the center of the City.

  • There are stop of bus, metro stop and valenbisi stop close the flats.

  • We always send the copy of the contract before signing it

  • Always we send the original proof of the bills at your mail before pay it.

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